Missile-Defense Countdown

by John J. Miller on July 2, 2009

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North Korea is poised to test a long-range rocket any day now, possibly in the vicinity of Hawaii and perhaps on the Fourth of July. NRO has an editorial:

Will this experience give Obama second thoughts about his hostility toward missile defense? It should, but Obama’s opposition is deeply ingrained. … Wishing away these threats won’t cause them to disappear. North Korea’s imminent test may show that Pyongyang has the ability to strike Alaska and Hawaii with its rockets. Iran already can hit Israel and parts of Europe. It no doubt shares North Korea’s ambition of building rockets that can reach the continental United States. New risks may emerge as well, especially if Islamic radicals grab power in Pakistan.

Because the North Korean test may pose a threat to Hawaii, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has ordered a mobile missile-defense system to Kauai. The ABMs are part of the THAAD system, whose development I wrote about in a feature for National Review almost ten years ago.

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