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by John J. Miller on August 30, 2009

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The First Assassin has a cover. Woo hoo!

Actually, it will probably be a few more days before the cover is 100-percent done. The designer still needs to perform a few technical tweaks. But we’ve made all of the important decisions. I know what the cover will look like and the result is excellent.

It’s a little different from what I had once envisioned. As I’ve mentioned, I had an idea for how the cover should look. We’ve kept my concept, but the designer brought a really good idea of her own and blended the two. It’s better than anything I would have come up with by myself. I suppose this is why writers and publishers turn to professionals.

Anyway, I hope you’ll be as impressed as I am pleased. I’ll post an image of the cover as soon as possible. Watch the column on the right.

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