Long Live Monarchs

by John J. Miller on August 30, 2009

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Every summer in Michigan, my kids and I capture monarch caterpillars, feed them milkweed leaves until they turn into chrysalises, and watch them hatch into butterflies. Well, almost every summer. This year, we weren’t Up North long enough: We caught a bunch of caterpillars and saw most of them transform into their green sacs. But we had to head home before the metamorphosis was complete.

Anyway, the monarchs of the north will soon head south to their wintering grounds in Mexico. It brings to mind this article. My editor had asked for something a little offbeat. So I wrote about the wonder of monarchs–and, because this is National Review, a little about the politics as well.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at Monsanto’s headquarters, near St. Louis. Looking out a conference-room window, I saw several monarchs flutter by. I wish the environmentalists who have nothing good to say about Monsanto could have enjoyed the sight as well.


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