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by John J. Miller on August 15, 2009 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

A professor recently asked me to suggest “important novels written by American conservatives” for a reading list he plans to put together. I’m still gathering my thoughts, but one name that will make the grade is Robert A. Heinlein. His best books are his most right-leaning ones: Starship Troopers and The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. I wrote about Heinlein for National Review on the occasion of his centenary. As a sidebar, I presented a list of conservative SF titles.


  • Bud Hammons

    Mr. Miller –

    I saw your note of 29 Aug 2009 in NRO on the state of conservative literature, and vectored to your web site. I arrived to make a point that conservative literature is alive and well, just not in arenas that appeal to folks who read the Atlantic and the New York Times. I see that you are a fan of some of the same writers, so I am probably not reporting any new news to you.

    I would suggest that Miller’s _A Canticle for Leibowitz_ is a notable of conservative literature. More recent authors who might be considered for inclusion are David Weber, author of the series of books featuring the character Honor Harrington. Eric Flint’s book _1632_ has become the basis for another set of books with deeply conservative elements running through them (Weber is also one of the authors in this extended collaboration).

    One could argue that Herbert’s Dune series also has conservative elements running through it, if nothing else to confirm the evil people that entrusted with great power are prone to loose upon the citizenry.

    Heinlein, whom I discovered while in elementary school, is my favorite of all.

    The point some have made about fantasy attracting the left-liberal mindset is unavoidable. Hopefully more authors of the sort noted above will emerge.


    — Bud Hammons

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