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by John J. Miller on September 17, 2009

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Who better than the author of the acclaimed “Assassin Trilogy” to blurb The First Assassin? Here’s what Robert Ferrigno says about my book:

The First Assassin knocked me out. Utterly compelling, the novel sweeps the reader along multiple storylines which converge at one point, one moment, where history pivots on its axis. A skilled writer of non-fiction, Miller uses his knowledge and research to create a powerful thriller that is completely believable. With its accurate period details and pitch-perfect characters — from house slaves to Washington, D.C. careerists to a mysterious hitman — there’s not a false note in the whole book. Read it and tell me I’m wrong.

I hope you’ll read it and tell him he’s right.

Robert and I have not met, but he’s a reader of National Review Online. If memory serves, he responded to one of my posts on The Corner a few years ago. I think we bonded over next-day-mail-delivery fiascoes. Now we correspond by email pretty frequently and send each other Christmas cards.

When I was first getting to know Robert, I asked him to recommend one of his novels. He suggested Heartbreaker. I loved it–a funny and compelling crime thriller, full of well-drawn characters. Next, I enjoyed The Wake-Up–and we did a written Q&A for NRO. Then Robert went in a completely unexpected direction: He started to set his crime thrillers in a weird near future, after the break-up of the United States and mass conversions to Islam. Prayers for the Assassin was the first of an excellent trilogy. We’ve given it full NRO coverage: I wrote about the first one here, and we recorded podcast interviews on the next two, Sins of the Assassin and Heart of the Assassin, here and here.

So I’m a huge fan of Robert’s work and can’t wait to read what he’ll write next. I’m also grateful for his endorsement of The First Assassin–it will be on the back cover of the book.


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