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by John J. Miller on September 7, 2009 · 2 comments

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  • Sumo

Coming soon to a book cover near you:

“An excellent book–it’s like The Day of the Jackal set in 1861 Washington.”

That’s Vince Flynn on The First Assassin. It’s a perfect blurb for the cover: positive and pithy. In just a few words, it both endorses The First Assassin and conveys a sense of what the story is about.

In getting this blurb, I could hardly believe my good fortune. My only contact with Flynn had involved the recording of a 10-minute podcast for National Review Online. At the time, I didn’t mention that I was an aspiring novelist. That happened this summer, when I sent him an email asking if he’d consider a blurb. He easily could have declined. To my delight, he requested a copy of the manuscript. A little while later, I had this wonderful blurb.

Flynn is the best-selling author of Extreme Measures, Protect and Defend, and several other thrillers. His next book, Pursuit of Honor, comes out in October.


  • James L.

    As someone who follows you on twitter and has previously read your work in NR, but did not know that you have a book coming out, I must congratulate you on the cover (I’ll wait to congratulate you on the book until after I’ve read it …). My test for a book cover is, if you have five minutes in the airport bookstore before a trans-continental/-atlantic/-pacific flight and are scanning the shelves looking for something to engross you for the next six hours or longer, what jumps out as both exciting and interesting? This cover does it all. A guaranteed pre-flight pick-up. Congratulations!

  • Marvelous! I am reading my first Vince Flynn novel (“Extreme Measures”) and am enjoying it. Congratulations on this promising beginning! Can’t wait to read The First Assassin!

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