The Fierce People

by John J. Miller on October 12, 2009 · 2 comments

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  • Sumo

An email from the anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon recently showed up in the inbox. We had fallen out of touch for a few years, after I had written about some of his travails for National Review. I was encouraged to learn that he’s still active and that a book project on the myth of the noble savage is very much alive.


  • Napoleon A. Chagnon

    John–thanks for posting this…I sent it to my publisher, Simon & Schuster. Padilha’s film is now being considered by the Sundance panel. If accepted, it will premiere in January. I might go to it.
    Alice Dreger’s initial presentation of what the AAA did to me will be presented in Philly at the AAA meetings in early December, when the fur will start to fly. Her website is I dropped my lawsuit against the AAA—the statute of limitations had passed. At least my ‘threat’ caused them to remove the offensive “Final Report” of the Darkness…”investigation” of me (the Witch hunt). Cheers.

  • I’ve just finally found this site! I will read it..

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