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  • Sumo

The First Assassin is now available for purchase on

You may also buy it through

There is no other way to order copies. The First Assassin is not sold through book stores. (Why not?)


  • Colin Fraizer

    JJ, why no Kindle edition? I’m ready to buy…

  • Chris Low

    I would like to buy on the Kindle, too. Any chance of a Kindle edition?

  • Bo


    Which distribution method returns the most money to the author (that would be you). Would like to support you vs Amazonia.



  • Thanks for these questions. I’d like to have it available on Kindle. A surprising number of people have asked. I didn’t realize these things were so popular. I’m still checking out the possibility. Will report back, hopefully with positive news.

  • Bob: You’re asking my kind of question! There are only two ways to purchase “The First Assassin.” One is through, the other is through, which is an Amazon subsidiary. I make a significantly better royalty through CreateSpace, so from my view that’s preferable. But readers may prefer the familiarity and convenience of Amazon, in which case they should just use Amazon. If it makes no difference to you, please please please buy on CreateSpace!

  • RES

    Amazon has the advantage of being already set-up for my purchases and (thanks to Amazon Prime) offering free-shipping. OTOH, my preference is toward an optimum intersection of the twin curves, minimizing cost to me, maximizing receipts of author. Rather than paying $4.04 to CreateSpace for shipping I would prefer to just give you $2 — is there a tip jar around here? Amazon also provides a subconscious perception of a “seal of approval” — the more so as I am having trouble getting CreateSpace to load.

    The Amazon page for this book needs to have a “publisher’s description” and would benefit from reviews by those who’ve bought and read The First Assassin. if you’re going to accept lower portions of receipts on sales it would seem advantageous to increase the sales and make up in volume what you lose in overhead.

    One other item: the changes in the production and marketing of books that are occurring (the move from small privately run book stores to big box bookstores to no store bookstores, the move to Huey long “Every man a publisher” self-publication and the shift to print on demand with its elimination of inventory expenses) would seem worthy of at least an article in NR, the WSJ or some other suitable venue.

  • RES

    Addendum: I should note that CreateSpace wants that $4 for putting that book in my hands by Thu, Nov 26, 2009, which is to say: in 3 weeks. Amazon Prime will get it to me in two (business) days at no charge. (I know – it isn’t free because it is part of my membership fee, but THAT is already paid.)

  • Bob


    Will order through CreateSpace…thanks for the response.

    We entrepreneurs must stick together!


  • At long last, “The First Assassin” is now available on Kindle. Here’s a direct link:


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