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by John J. Miller on November 15, 2009 · 0 comments

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My local paper, the News & Messenger, has put me on the front page today with an article about The First Assassin.

Miller News & Messenger

Trivia about this photograph, taken by John Boal of the News & Messenger: See the rubber ducky in the upper left-hand corner? That was once my son Brendan’s bath toy. When he outgrew it, I took it to my National Review office in Washington and kept it on top of a computer monitor. One day, a photographer for the New York Times took my picture (along with Ramesh Ponnuru) for a story about National Review Online. This very same rubber ducky appears in the background. (Here’s the article; unfortunately, the picture is missing from the web version–it definitely appeared in print.)

So this may be photojournalism’s premier rubber ducky.

And the green thing behind it? That’s Cthulhu.

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