Dean Koontz

by John J. Miller on November 29, 2009

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Best-selling author Dean Koontz has a new book out. But when is that not true? He’s one of the most prolific writers around today, averaging two books per year. The new one is called Breathless and I hope to read it–though it’s hard to keep up with his Koontz’s output.

Last year, I wrote an article on Koontz for National Review. This required me to read a batch of his books in preparation (a real pleasure) and then visit with him at his home in Newport News, Calif. He lives in a magnificent house that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. An entire hallway is lined with editions of his books, in English and other languages.

Koontz’s name turned up several times in this discussion of great conservative novels.

My favorite book by Koontz? Probably Velocity or Life Expectancy.


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