Signed Copies of The First Assassin!

by John J. Miller on November 29, 2009 · 7 comments

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  • Sumo

Want a signed copy of The First Assassin? Now it’s easy. I have bookplates that fix to the first page of the book. I can inscribe them in any way you like.

Best of all, they’re free (minus the cost of a self-addressed, stamped envelope). If you’d like one (or more), please let me know through this website’s contact form. I’ll reply with specific instructions.


  • Jim and Millie Enicks

    We would love a name plate….with whatever you would like to write on it. We are so thrilled for you and your family. We are looking forward to reading your book. Hope you and your family are doing well and ready for the holidays. Take care, Millie Enicks

  • Wayne Johnson


    I’d love a signed copy of your book. Your signature will suffice, but feel free to write something more.

    Congratulations on completing your novel. I very much look forward to reading it. Like Millie (above comment), I hope you and your family are happy and healthy, and I hope you have a joyous and meaningful Christmas and New Year’s.

    Best to you,
    Wayne Johnson

  • I would like three copies please … you can send them with your “personal assistant” to Springfield.

  • Regina Chaskin

    Hi John,
    I just ordered 2 copies of your book. One for me and one for my Dad. I would love to have them both signed. Congratulations. Hope all is well.
    Take care,

  • john brasher

    Could you please send me information on acquiring a signed bookplate?

  • I want a personalized copy with my name on it from me to you! My real name- Maria Dolores 

  • John, I will read this book and give you my take on  it…

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