Amazon vs. CreateSpace

by John J. Miller on December 3, 2009

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There are two ways to buy The First Assassin. One is through, the other is through I earn a small royalty either way, though it’s a bit higher with So it’s better for me if readers buy via But is a perfectly good option, especially for readers who find it more comfortable and convenient. If you’re considering a purchase, please select the seller you prefer.

I am not just the author of The First Assassin–I am also the publisher. My direct partner is, a print-on-demand company. When you buy a copy of The First Assassin, even from, prints it immediately and ships it to you right away. It’s no different from ordering another kind of book, including the amount of time it takes for a shipment to arrive at your home. But there are no stacks of boxes of The First Assassin sitting in a warehouse, waiting for purchase. They roll off the presses only when they have buyers. This is 21st-century publishing technology. owns Because of the way I’ve structured our relationship, these are the only two ways to buy the book. The First Assassin is not available in stores.


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