Holmes for the Holidays

by John J. Miller on December 23, 2009 · 2 comments

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  • Sumo

My article on Sherlock Holmes appears in today’s Wall Street Journal. Here’s how it starts:

For Sherlock Holmes, the most important date on the calendar is Christmas—and not just because the latest film to feature him comes out on Dec. 25.

In a sense, literature’s most famous detective was born on that day…

For more on Holmes, see below–especially the reader-driven discussion about the best story in the Holmes canon.


  • Eric the Read

    You had to bring up The White Company, didn’t you? That book is so bad, the prose is so purple, my friend and I compete to see who has to keep it in our house each year. Doyle should be glad it’s not what he’s remembered for. The Mary Sue-ness was so strong, I’m surprised our hero wasn’t named Arthur.

    I can certainly understand his feelings, but

  • Eric the Read

    … but Holmes was his best work. (Oops)

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