by John J. Miller on December 2, 2009

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Mary Katharine Ham on Twitter:

Also, my dad’s reading John. J. Miller’s (of NRO) first novel, “The First Assassin,” and says he can’t put it down: http://bit.ly/5ft2Dw

From a reader in Washington state:

John, your first novel was a great read over my Thanksgiving holiday. I picked it up late in an evening expecting to read a few chapters. I finally put it down about two-thirds through, and finished it first thing the next morning. Couldn’t wait to see how [spoiler deleted]. Finished it in my robe. The First Assassin now rests on my bookcase with my prized Civil War Era books.

History News Network:

A competent thriller and easy read… the description of the city, with its unfinished Capitol and one-third-built Washington Monument, is meticulously drawn.

Finally, The First Assassin is the Ashbrook Center’s Book of the Week.

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