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by John J. Miller on January 4, 2010 · 9 comments

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  • Sumo

Want to send a book to a U.S. soldier? Through Friday, if you buy The First Assassin on, I will donate a copy to Books for Soldiers, a non-profit organization whose name pretty much says it all. Not a bad deal: You get a book for yourself, and you effectively send a book to a soldier.

It’s possible (but not necessary) to direct your donation. Would you prefer soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines? Afghanistan or Iraq? Buy the book and send me an email, using the contact page on this website.

All purchases of The First Assassin made on between now and close of business on Friday, January 8 will qualify.


  • Michael Curtis


    Thank you for offering these books to our serving men and women.After reading your offer above I wish to respectfully remind you that the word describing a member of the United States Marine Corps is a proper noun and thus should be spelled Marine.

    Thank you for your fine work.

    A former navy corpsman who proudly served with the Marines.

  • Fixed! Thanks.

  • Mr. Miller:

    Thank you, thank you so much.

    All of your readers interested in more information about us should browse our website especially at
    or e-mail any questions to

    Those deployed, and their friends and family of your readers are welcome to make a request using the request form on the home page

    And continued success to you with your book!


  • Scott M

    Dear Mr. Miller,

    I had been meaning to buy a copy of your book and when I saw this offer to send a book to a soldier, I jumped at it. I just got confirmation of my order and while I can’t wait to read the book, I am very pleased that another copy will be heading to a soldier as well. What a great idea! Please direct the donated book as you see fit — I have friends from both Marines and Army that served in Iraq so I’d lean towards sending it there but please do whatever you think is best.

    Thank you very much and best wishes,

  • Tonya

    Dear Sir,

    I had already been considering the purchase of your book, and my decision was made when I read your offer. As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran (Navy) and the niece of an Air Force colonel (retired), I am thrilled to participate in sending a bit of respite to our service members. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Best wishes for continued success.

  • Donna Olin

    Thank you Mr. Miller. I’ve been wanting to buy your book. Barnes & Noble didn’t have it. And I’ve been wondering how to send books to our soldiers and Marines. Thanks to you this accomplishes both. Please send your book to either a soldier or Marine in Afghanistan or Iraq. Many thanks.

  • jane

    Just ordered my copy and am glad to know another will be sent to one of the wonderful men and women serving in harm’s way. Thanks so much for this service!

  • Tedi Bolotin

    Thank you very much for this offer, I just purchased your book and would like to direct our soldier copy to the Marines. My husband has really enjoyed this series. Thanks again, The Bolotin’s, Tacoma, WA

  • Tim

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks so much for making this donation. I had your book on my Christmas list, but no one came through. I’ve served in Southwest Asia twice, and my son is on his way there next week for his second tour. Not only do we appreciate a good book to read, but we also greatly appreciate the thought behind the donation.

    Thanks again,


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