Forty Years

by John J. Miller on February 20, 2010 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

I turned 40 yesterday. I guess that makes me middle aged.

My theme song is “40 Years,” by House of Freaks. It’s not really about turning 40. It’s about nuclear war. But I’ve been humming the chorus:

A million hearts, a million minds

Have lived and died in 40 years

Pray for yourself and for your memories

And be thankful we’ve had 40 years.

The last time I quoted the song, it was under more tragic circumstances, in an obituary for murdered lead singer Bryan Harvey.

Watch the video for “40 Years.”

House of Freaks

  • Rusty Burke

    Happy birthday! I didn’t realize you were just a youngster! You seem quite mature for your age.

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