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by John J. Miller on February 2, 2010

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Andrew Klavan is my 12-year-old son’s favorite author–and that’s saying something, because the kid reads a lot. He’s currently on The Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula Le Guin, which I’ve been pushing on him for a while. (“It’s about a boy who goes to wizard school,” I would say. “How original is that? A boy who goes to wizard school!“)

Anyway, I remember our conversation about Klavan, from a year ago: “Dad, when you were my age, what was your favorite book?” I said The Hobbit. “Mine is The Last Thing I Remember.”

That’s Klavan’s first book for young adults. The sequel, The Long Way Home, officially publishes today. We have a podcast about it on NRO.

By the way, what’s the deal with this book-publishing term “young adults”? You would think that people who work with words all day would know that, technically, “young adults” should be 18 or 19 years old. In book publishing, however, “young adults” means children in middle school and high school.

When you’re done noodling over that deep question, check out Klavan’s spiffy new website. The guy who designed HeyMiller.com also constructed AndrewKlavan.com. The questionable content on both sites is solely the fault of me and Klavan.

Next week’s podcast: TBD. It depends on whether a recording scheduled for today comes off. UPDATE: It came off. Next will be Alex Berenson, author of the forthcoming thriller, The Midnight House.

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