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by John J. Miller on February 17, 2010 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

My article on Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina is in the new issue of NR:

“This is part of an American awakening,” says DeMint. “If people want to take back their government, they can do it. No state is out of play.” DeMint is now positioning himself as the Great Awakener — a national leader of a highly decentralized tea-party movement whose activist energy may hold the key to turning 2010 into another 1994 for the GOP.

One topic that didn’t make it into the article involves what happens after the current election cycle. Someone is already selling t-shirts for a DeMint presidential campaign. So I asked the senator if he will run for president. “I don’t plan to,” he said. Then he continued: “Somebody has to run who says the government has to do less rather than more, so it can do the things it has to do.” Two years ago, DeMint supported Mitt Romney in the GOP primaries.


  • Dad

    I just read your article. He seems like an upright kind of guy

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