Winter Classic

by John J. Miller on February 6, 2010 · 5 comments

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  • Sumo

The roof of the Prince William Ice Center, where my kids play hockey, has collapsed under all the snow. So I guess tomorrow’s middle-house and mite games are off. Maybe we can finish the season outside, like the NHL at Wrigley and Fenway.

UPDATE: Here’s a news story from my local paper, dated Feb. 9.






  • Charley

    They build things better for the snow in Michigan. Now, don’t you miss home?

  • Ed


    What a shame. My son learned to skate and had his first hockey skills session at that rink. Nice facility.

    He is playing Pee Wee in San Diego now. Big game tomorrow with playoff implications-not much worried about the game being canceled on account of snow and roof collapsing. To be fair though, he has had a game canceled on account of brush fires.

    Hope the players get an alternate site soon.

  • I spent my early childhood in Gainesville (VA) and married a guy from Westland. Funny! Just before my family moved away from DC, we had a similar snowstorm (March of ’81 maybe?) There were at least 18 inches at the Washington Monument. My parents are from Ohio, and I’m not sure how they felt of this harbinger of things to come (we moved back to Ohio in April).

  • Greg

    My son’s team, the Richmond Royals Select Bantams, have a game against the Prince William Panthers Bantam Select team in Richmond in February. This ice center is the home ice of the Prince William Panthers. I am wishing them the best.

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