Beware the Ides of March

by John J. Miller on March 15, 2010 · 4 comments

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  • Sumo

From chapter five of The First Assassin, a conversation between Col. Charles Rook and his superior officer, Gen. Winfield Scott, on March 15, 1861:

The colonel leaned forward. “You’ve heard the rumors about the president. They haven’t let up. It is the talk of the city. Mr. Lincoln’s life remains in danger, no less than it did on his inauguration day.”

Scott frowned. “Of course I’ve heard some rumors. Who hasn’t? The air is hot with them.”

“Do you know what today is, general?”

Scott did not like being questioned. He scowled, but answered anyway. “Friday.”

“That’s not what I mean. It’s March 15.”


“The Ides of March.”

“Are you giving me a history lesson, colonel? I know my history. Today is the date of the death of Julius Caesar.”

“And the anniversary of the most famous political assassination in world history.”

Scott rolled his eyes. “Your dramatics do not transform fable into fact. Rumors are not the same thing as evidence.”


  • Chris Eich

    In the Corner you say Julius Caesar was killed 2054 years ago, but there was no year 0, so I think the number is actually 2053.

  • Dad

    To Chris:
    Thats the thing about fiction. You can make it anything you want.

  • Here’s some great photos of things to beware of!

  • Gil Gilliam

    Per your emailer’s comment at the Corner:

    “Perhaps the Ides of March is a good time to remind wavering House Democrats not to trust the Senate?”

    I’d also remind them to stay out of the baths…allegedly there is some guy from the Emperor’s entourage running around naked, poking people in the chest and asking them how they’re going to vote.

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