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by John J. Miller on March 22, 2010 · 2 comments

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I have great news to share about The First Assassin: has acquired the rights to it and will publish a new edition later this year, under its AmazonEncore imprint.

So what’s AmazonEncore? I wondered the same thing when my first e-mail from an acquisition editor arrived in January. It’s basically a publishing house within Amazon, launched with a single title last year and then in a bigger way last month. Here’s how Amazon describes it:

AmazonEncore is a new program whereby Amazon will use information such as customer reviews on to identify exceptional, overlooked books and authors with more potential than their sales may indicate.

After a series of e-mail exchanges and phone conversations, I became convinced that this was an excellent opportunity to introduce my book to a much larger audience. So I signed up. The First Assassin itself won’t change, apart from having a few typos corrected. But it will be repackaged as an AmazonEncore product and benefit from Amazon’s marketing muscle.

Right now, it looks like the release will be in September. Between now and then (or whenever), I’ll keep you posted on developments. In the meantime, you can still buy The First Assassin–that is, if you want to collect a first-edition copy, while it’s still available at a mass-market price.

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  • Susan

    I bought it, I read it, I loved it!

  • John F. MacMichael


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