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by John J. Miller on March 11, 2010 · 3 comments

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An NRO reader recently asked for my opinion of George Mason University. I don’t have much to say about the undergraduate experience. I’ve been on the campus and have some vague impressions–the economics department is highly regarded–but nothing more. A few years ago, however, I did write a feature for NR on GMU’s law school, which is full of conservative and libertarian professors. If I was considering law school, GMU would rank high on my wish list of potential destinations.

The article originally ran in the issue dated March 13, 2006. It appeared online on March 26. This was the exact date of GMU’s greatest sports victory ever: Its basketball team beat Connecticut in the NCAA tournament, securing a trip to the Final Four (where it lost to eventual national champion Florida). In magazine publishing, however, dates are a little funny. The March 13 issue wasn’t actually published on March 13–it was printed more than two weeks beforehand. So I had no idea of what was about to happen. GMU’s success on the basketball court generated interest in the school itself, which generated a little extra attention for my article. My only regret is that the article itself begins with a football metaphor. Obviously, I picked the wrong sport.

My next scheduled NRO podcast, by the way, is with Mark Yost, the author of Varsity Green, a book on corruption in the NCAA. Watch this space.

Before the fuss over GMU’s law school and basketball team, I wrote a brief article on George Mason the man, when his national memorial was dedicated. In the article, the link to the park service’s website is dead. Here’s a live one.

George Mason

  • Jay S

    I suspect what your NRO reader wants to know is if George Mason University is a good choice for conservatives. Having a dauaghter who is a junior there, and having visited the campus several times, I feel qualifed to give an answer.

    Mason (not GMU) is like all colleges with “diversity” and “going green” as overriding themes. However, my observation, (and after checking with my daughter) the liberal indoctrination is is less forced on you than at other colleges like UVA or Va Tech. Hillsdale it ain’t, but for a public university that won’t break your bank account, you could do worse.

  • Chris in Virginia

    I am an alumnae from Mason and got two degrees from there. The undergraduate experience was quite good (academically and socially). With regards to conservative vs. liberal temperment – it is better than most universities. It does have a liberal strain through certain departments – but it is not as oppressive as most others.

    Most of my fraternity brothers are conservative – some are liberal. We always make them pay. ;>)

    The University is growing at light speed and the campus development is unprecedented in Virginia. It will soon house more than 9,100 on-campus students and has just completed a slew of new academic, recreational and research oriented buildings.

    Go Mason!

  • Josh in TX

    I received a BA in Economics from GMU in the mid 90’s. Went in as a right winger came out still a right winger but with a libertarian tilt.

    It was, and I presume still is, a commuter school, geared to folks like myself who were older, I went in after 4 years in the Army, and who were working.

    My wife went there too and while she had many more liberal professors in her major than I did, she still came out right wing.

    I love telling people I was in the GMU econ program. If they are in the know about politics and economics they either appreciate the education or run for cover. But from a pure economics perspective I am surprised how many econ grads from other programs don’t have a grasp of fundamental economics. Not saying I’m so smart but I think the program forces you to become literate in basic economic principles. I don’t know that’s so true at other colleges.

    The rest of the University is certainly liberal though. You have as many loons at Mason as any other school. Just be advised.

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