On the Lamb

by John J. Miller on March 19, 2010

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One of the small thrills that comes with writing about books, in reviews or otherwise, is that your words can become blurbs. Sometimes they even appear on the covers of paperbacks. I never write anything with this in mind–i.e., it’s not a goal that I strive for. When it happens, though, it makes me happy.

It just happened again. Or, more accurately, it’s about to happen again. In May, Bison Books will release its final two volumes of adventure stories by Harold Lamb. I wrote about this eight-volume collection last year in the Wall Street Journal. Advance copies of Swords from the East and Swords from the Sea arrived this week. The back cover of each has a line from my article. I hope my words persuade a few people to check out Lamb, whose long-lost fiction, written primarily for the pulps in the 1920s and 1930s, is deservedly back in print.


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