Vampire Abe

by John J. Miller on March 7, 2010 · 4 comments

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  • Sumo

Lately I’ve written a bit about two topics: Abraham Lincoln and vampires. So a number of readers have asked, quite understandably, if I’m aware of the new mashup novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. A couple have sent links to this promotional video. The answer is I’ve heard of the book but haven’t read it.

Author Seth Grahame-Smith isn’t the first person to connect Honest Abe to undead bloodsuckers. Lincoln’s critics were doing it during the Civil War. Below is a political cartoon from 1864, a full generation before Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. The caption is not visible in this image, but it reads: “Columbia, thou art mine; with thy blood I will renew my lease of life—ah! ah!” (The source is this article, from the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association.)


  • Thanks for the connection. Fascinating!

  • Clay Sills

    And then, of course, Honest Abe directed his steam-powered robot secret service man – The Amazing Screw On Head – in a war against the undead legions of Emperor Zombie in, well, The Amazing Screw On Head

  • I want to read this book, but I’ll wait until it’s reviewed by Miller. I’m still fighting this lingering vampire ennui.

  • Just for good measure, the book also features a scene between Lincoln and Edgar Allan Poe. Poe wants to interview him in connection with research he’s doing for his planned lesbian vampire novel.

    Things like this are enough to make me hope the Mayan Calendar is on to something.

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