Letter from the Middle East

by John J. Miller on April 30, 2010

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From a Navy MA:

Yesterday in the mail, I received your book “The First Assassin” through the Books for Soldiers program. It was sent through your generous support and by David in the program.

Immediately, I started reading your book and have read the first four chapters already! I love the American Civil War and especially Mr. Lincoln which your book has so far introduced to the reader. I have read several ‘historical fiction’ books and each one has intrigued me to reach out for more readings. Today, I can’t wait until my duty day with the US Navy is over so that I can get back to your book. The heat, sand, dust and stress being away from home is tremendous, and I continually thank supporters like you, sir, of our military people.

It’s a welcome relief that I can ‘dive back’ into your book and be safe from our dangerous environment over here in the Middle East.

We corresponded, and I received this nice reply:

Last night, I finished your book and really enjoyed it.

Below is an image of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (which is not currently in Middle East, and therefore not the home of our correspondent–but it nevertheless feels like the right picture for today).

uss abe lincoln

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