Penny Earned

by John J. Miller on April 5, 2010

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Today in 1861, Abraham Lincoln received his first presidential paycheck. The amount: $2,083.33. He opened a bank account at Riggs, which for ages was headquartered across the street from the White House, on the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 15th Street–until about five years ago, when it merged with PNC.

Last year, the U.S. Mint issued four different Lincoln pennies. On the heads side was the familiar silhouette. On the tails side were images from his life in Kentucky (log cabin), Indiana (reading a book on a log), Illinois (state capitol), and D.C. (unfinished U.S. Capitol dome, as also depicted on the cover of a certain historical thriller). The reverse side of this year’s new Lincoln penny is a shield and the words “E pluribus unum,” representing Union.

Lincoln-Cent 2010

Lincoln-Cent 2009

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