Cover Shot, Pt. 2

by John J. Miller on May 21, 2010 · 5 comments

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  • Sumo

The First Assassin has a new cover. Again. This is good because it’s not only new, it’s also improved.

Last week, I posted an image of the forthcoming AmazonEncore edition of The First Assassin. There was a problem with it, however: The gun was wrong. On the revised cover, the gun is right. It’s an authentic Civil War-era weapon. It’s hard to tell precisely because the image is slightly blurred, but it looks like a Colt revolver from 1860 or 1861. I hope you’ll agree that the new new cover is better than the old new cover.

  • Jorge

    Although the original cover was very good this is certainly more eye catching and the attention to detail on getting the right gun makes a big difference to history buffs. It also helps emphasize the level of detail in the book itself. I like it. Nine thumbs up.

  • Woodard Nunis

    Excellent book. Well researched and an exciting read. The historical detail is impressive. Looking forward to your next effort.

  • mtm

    I am glad of the change. That is, I am glad that the gun is not pointed at the reader any more and, when the reader is reading, not pointed at someone watching the reader read.

  • Steve Jones

    If the revolver is a Colt, it’s not an 1860 or 1861 model – they had a completely new, streamlined loading lever. It’s not an 1851 Colt Navy, either, as it doesn’t have an octagonal barrel, and the caliber appears to be .44 (Navies were .36 cal). More likely one of the Dragoon models.

    You can see the differences in the various models at this site, which sells replicas:

  • Kent

    The new cover looks great. This pistol appears to be correct for the era. Good job!

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