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by John J. Miller on May 11, 2010 · 3 comments

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  • Sumo

The fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta has died. I came to know and admire his work because it appeared on the cover of Conan paperbacks. The words in those books mattered more to me than the images on their outsides, but Frazetta possessed a powerful vision that influenced my mental picture of Conan and his world. Has there ever been a better match of artist and author than Frazetta and Conan-creator Robert E. Howard?

From time to time, I’ve thought about trying to write an appreciation of Frazetta, but I haven’t gotten around to it. About four years ago, however, I did write an article on Howard and Conan.

  • Kurt

    John, check out the interview Frank did for the Comics Journal…

    On page 7, near the end of the interview, he talks about conservatism, Nixon, and best of all, Rush Limbaugh. Great stuff. I had the pleasure of working with him for a short stint at Bakshi Studios. Incredible guy and artist.

  • Frazetta’s the only reason I ever read Conan in the first place (as a teen in the 70s). I ended up liking the Conan tales, but Frazetta’s paintings were often better than the other books whose covers they adorned.

    The phrase applies to him: often imitated, never surpassed.

  • Dknight1958

    He was one of the grates.He,ll be missed..

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