Look Before You Leap

by John J. Miller on May 24, 2010 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

My latest National Review article is part of an Arizona cover package. It describes a forerunner to the controversial new illegal-alien law: a policy in Prince William County, Va. (my home) to reduce illegal immigration. As the article says, Prince William County’s experience “may suggest the way in which Arizona’s law will evolve in the months ahead.”

  • Bert Culver

    Dear Mr. Miller:
    I thoroughly enjoyed “First Assassin.” To have your work compared favorably with “Day of the Jackal” is fittingly high praise.
    In the 1950s there was a popular TV quiz program, “I’ve Got a Secret.” Not sleeping so well I start watching Game Channel reruns at 2:30 a.m. and in one episode an elderly man from Baltimore whispered into host Gary Moore’s ear, “I was in Ford’s Theatre when Abraham Lincoln was shot.” Somewhat surprisingly the guest panelists did uncover the secret. I guess the really interesting part was that Moore asked him to describe what he had seen as a six year old. All he ever remembered was that there was some confusion and that his parents quickly bundled him out of the theatre and home. And this made perfect sense. A mother and father wanting to shield their child from this awful, awful scene. I had a hard time drifting off that a.m.
    I do wish that Col. Rook would have tumbled to the implications of the array of odd books and the book binding tools, but I guess it is more human and correct that clues are not understood, viz., all those Muslims taking flying lessons in Florida but only for level flight, no take off and landing. If I may, in the Woodbridge edition Capitol chase it has a wounded Mazorca climbing the steps, not Rook.
    Bert Culver
    St. Louis

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