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For years, Steven Spielberg has expressed an interest in directing a film about Abraham Lincoln. There’s an IMDb listing. Tony Kushner apparently drafted a screenplay. Liam Neeson supposedly was set to star.

Now Spielberg has settled on his next movie and it isn’t about Lincoln. It sounds like Neeson is bailing on the project, too: “I think I’m past my sell-by date in my inner soul. It would depend on the script,” he said. “I’ve been living with it now for, I think, five years. So it’s either come to the plate or get out of the kitchen. There are other things I’d be quicker to pursue.”

It’s too bad. As a consolation prize, however, perhaps Neeson will win an Oscar for mixed metaphors.

Hat tip: ALO.

  • So guess what was playing in a theater in Chicago the day Lincoln was nominated for president 150 years ago?

    A little comedy called “Our American Cousin.”

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