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by John J. Miller on June 10, 2010 · 2 comments

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  • Sumo

I’ve just returned from New York City, where I met with the publicist for the AmazonEncore edition of The First Assassin. I took home three hot-off-the-press galleys–i.e., uncorrected proofs of the book. They go out primarily to reviewers, journalists, and other media figures. A galley is sometimes called an “arc,” which stands for “advance reader’s copy.”

This edition of the book has a new cover and a new interior design. The type is larger, so the book is thicker: the length has grown from 376 pages to about 450. But it’s also four cents cheaper! The first edition was priced at $14.99. The new one will retail for $14.95. Deflation usually occurs when manufacturing efficiency improves or consumer demand weakens. Let’s hope this is a case of the former and not the latter.

  • Dad

    It seems like such a bargain. I think I will buy a few more copies

  • I received an advanced notice for a novel entitled ‘First Assassin.’ Looked interesting and asked for a review copy.

    Then while reading the WSJ, I was intrigued by ‘His Writers’ Workshop? A Prison Cell.’ My conclusion is that the author of the WSJ is a bright, articulate and informed guy.

    And then the name rung a bell.

    The WSJ article is good warm-up to reading your first novel.

    By the way, Steven Saylor [fiction writer] wrote a ‘Twist at the End.’ The narrator is William Sydney Porter, resident of San Antonio, Texas.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and the other novels by Saylor that are set in the early Roman Empire.

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