by John J. Miller on July 3, 2010 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

Archaeologists have discovered a 10,000-year-old atlatl dart near Yellowstone National Park. Several years ago, I attended an atlatl throwing contest in rural Pennsylvania and wrote about it for the Wall Street Journal. In the process, I learned how to use this Stone Age weapon. It took a few tries to get the hang of it and true proficiency would require a lot of practice, but atlatls are easier to use than they might seem at first glance. Anyway, it’s one of the coolest things that the profession of journalism has allowed me to try.

  • John F. MacMichael

    I enjoyed the linked piece at the WSJ. The atlatl is yet another example of how skills that once were necessary for survival now endure as hobbies or sports.

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