Bald Eagles

by John J. Miller on July 26, 2010

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The Miller family just returned from its annual trip to northern Michigan. On Saturday morning, I took a couple of my kids fishing (total catch: five perch, one bluegill). On the way back to the dock, we spotted a bald eagle perched at the top of a tree next to the lake. Then it swooped down, maybe 200 feet in front of us–a wonderful sight, and an increasingly common one as our national bird continues to repopulate the lower 48 states. Three years ago, I wrote about the bald eagle’s remarkable comeback, which has led to its removal from the endangered species list.

I found the picture below on a Google images search. Turns out it was taken in Rose City, Mich., which is a town I drive through on my way to the north country. In my mind, Rose City is famous for one thing: its Dairy Queen on M-33. When I was a kid, this pit stop was frequently requested and occasionally requited. Nowadays, I’m more like my father and my grandfather. When you’ve made it as far as Rose City, with the destination less than an hour away, the last thing you want is a delay.

Memo to self: Visit the Dairy Queen in Rose City next year.

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