Border War

by John J. Miller on August 30, 2010

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Last week, Jesse Kelly won the GOP primary in Arizona’s 8th congressional district, which includes much of Tucson and runs along the border with Mexico. I met Kelly in June, while researching a story on Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who are running for Congress. Kelly is a Marine combat vet. The article appeared in National Review a few weeks ago.

Control of the House of Representatives will depend on races like Kelly’s, in which he now must face Gabrielle Giffords, a second-term Democratic incumbent. The top issues in the district are the economy and illegal immigration.

“The difference between fighting insurgents in Iraq and running for Congress is that when you run for Congress, the bullets come from all sides,” Kelly told me June.

Eight years ago, I visited Cochise County, which sits entirely within the 8th congressional district, for an article about illegal immigration.

Here’s a Kelly ad:

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