Currituck Light

by John J. Miller on August 16, 2010

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My wife and I like to visit lighthouses. Summer used to be lighthouse-visiting season for us. We didn’t lay eyes on any new ones this year and we may not have succeeded last year, either. That’s because we’ve already seen most of the good ones that are within a reasonable driving distance. That includes just about every lighthouse in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and most of those in the Upper Peninsula as well. On the east coast, we’ve seen all the great lighthouses between roughly Connecticut and South Carolina (minus Fire Island and a couple of others).

Some of the best lighthouses are in North Carolina. Seven years ago, I wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal about a battle for control of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse–a non-profit group that had a history of preserving the light was fighting the county, which wanted to take it over. The article played the controversy fairly straight, though it was hard not to root for the scrappy non-profit. The good news is that the Outer Banks Conservationists ultimately won the dispute and today they operate the site.

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