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I almost didn’t record today’s NRO podcast with Neoconservatism author Justin Vaïsse, on account of having podcasted on neoconservatism a couple of months ago with Benjamin Balint. There’s also the fact that so much of what’s been written about neoconservatism is pure rubbish. What are the odds of two worthy books appearing within such a short time? Yet the more I looked through Vaïsse’s book, published by Harvard University Press, the more I thought it warranted the attention. It’s a serious attempt to offer a balanced treatment of an important subject.

Vaïsse is French, so there’s a temptation to call his book Tocquevillian–a temptation to which E.J. Dionne succumbs in his blurb. (Don’t worry: The book is also blurbed favorably by Francis Fukuyama and Gary Schmitt.) I’m just happy Vaïsse spoke such good English. He has an accent, but not much of one.

Next week’s podcast: Robert Service on Communism.

  • About your page on NRO: I really wish you would write what year these fine interviews were made.

    This one is only marked “08/03 04:00 AM”.

    When one scrolls down the page, you loose track of the years. Quite a number of them have no year mentioned. This means you have to download the mp3 file and hope the year is written in the document specifics.

  • That would be 2010. I take your point.

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