Rule of Lawhead

by John J. Miller on August 31, 2010

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I haven’t read beyond than the first couple of chapters of Stephen Lawhead’s new novel, The Skin Map, but I did interview him about it–he’s my latest podcast victim.

This isn’t my only experience with his work. His novel Hood, the first in a trilogy, is a clever reworking of the Robin Hood legend. Lawhead sets the story in 11th-century Wales. The Hood character is transformed into a kind of nationalist freedom fighter. It’s also a traditional coming-of-age story.

Lawhead is sometimes described as a “Christian” writer. A better description might be that Lawhead is a Christian who writes. He doesn’t proselytize in his books (at least not that I’ve noticed) but neither is he afraid to have his characters believe in God or pray. It says something about the place of faith in our culture when simple features such as these can force a writer into a religious pigeonhole.

On this recording, my voice occasionally has a weird echo. We couldn’t get rid of it. Thankfully, Lawhead comes through clearly, even though he joined us by calling in from England.

Next week’s podcast: Thomas W. Young on his Afghanistan war thriller.

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