Sowell, So Well

by John J. Miller on August 24, 2010

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Thomas Sowell will be remembered primarily for his books–classics of scholarly synthesis and interpretation such as A Conflict of Visions and Ethnic America. Yet most Americans who know his work probably have encountered him through his syndicated newspaper columns. Like the old Reader’s Digest, they possess a special power for connecting with ordinary readers.

My grandmother used to follow his work on the pages of the Detroit News. After reading a column that she really enjoyed, she would occasionally cut it out of the paper and mail it to me. No other writer benefited from this clipping service. Only Sowell made the grade.

This week, Sowell is my NRO podcast victim. His new book is a collection of his most recent columns. Grandma would have enjoyed it.

Next week’s podcast: Stephen Lawhead on his new novel.

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