Spencer Abraham

by John J. Miller on August 1, 2010

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Michigan’s primary is Tuesday. Candidates in both parties are seeking nominations for governor and Congress. Ten years ago, I covered Sen. Spencer Abraham’s re-election campaign, traveling with him in the northern tier of the Lower Peninsula–the location of my recent summer vacation and also home to a congressional district with a contested GOP primary. I briefly met one of the Republican candidates, Jason Allen, at the event in Traverse City that the article describes.

One of my crystal-ball lines about Abraham’s fate didn’t turn out so well:

He’s also a bellwether: If he wins, there’s a good chance George W. Bush also will triumph, and Republicans will hold the line in the Senate; if he loses, the GOP may take a beating all over the country.

Abraham went on to lose, but the GOP kept the Senate (barely) and Bush won (also barely).

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