The Buckley Stops Here
August 23, 2010 Blog Posts

  • Sumo

Today on The Corner, I mentioned Jeremy Lott’s new biography of William F. Buckley, Jr. I’m tempted to record an NRO podcast with Jeremy for obvious reasons, but we’ve already devoted two podcasts to WFB in the last four or five months: We talked to Lee Edwards about his new biography of WFB and Linda Bridges about her new anthology of WFB’s writings. So that’s enough for now.

I’ve been podcasting for almost three years on NRO. My one regret with Between the Covers–my ongoing series of author interviews–is that I didn’t record a conversation with Bill. We could have done it, too. The last book he published while he was alive, Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription, came out in the fall of 2007. But I didn’t schedule it. I don’t even have a good excuse. I just didn’t to it, and a few months later he was gone.

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