Where’s My Jet Pack?

by John J. Miller on August 12, 2010 · 1 comment

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Let’s keep kickin’ it old school. Here’s the second article I ever wrote for the Wall Street Journal. It’s called “Why School Choice Lost” and it’s about a failed ballot initiative in California.

If you had asked me 17 years ago whether school choice would be mainstream in 2010, I probably would have said yes. In addition, I might have predicted that boys and girls would have personal jet packs. Alas, school choice keeps on losing. And kids still ride school buses.

Unlike the first article I ever wrote for the Journal–a story recounted yesterday–this one I placed on my own. What I mean is that I used my own connections. A friend had taken an assistant op-ed editor job at the Journal. I pitched the story to him well in advance of the election, knowing full well that Prop. 174 was going to crash and burn at the polls. He agreed to take it and the piece ran on a Thursday–i.e., the day after we could confirm a defeat–even though I had basically written the entire article in advance of the result.

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