I Want My Book TV

by John J. Miller on September 3, 2010 · 1 comment

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I’ll be on C-SPAN2’s Book TV over the weekend, as the channel broadcasts my recent panel discussion on books that college students should read. Most people are going to want to watch it four times, so that’s the number of slots it will occupy over the next three days. Here’s when you should be in front of the television:

  • Saturday, September 4th at 7pm (ET)
  • Sunday, September 5th at 3:45am (ET)
  • Monday, September 6th at 10am (ET)
  • Monday, September 6th at 10pm (ET)

In preparing my remarks, I canvassed readers for their own book suggestions. Read the results here. Also, I previewed my comments here and here.

  • Friend, you gotta start posting this kind of star-marking turn on Facebook. I’m Tivoing — anxious to see it. When was this??

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