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by John J. Miller on October 12, 2010

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Today, Vince Flynn enters the rarefied atmosphere of a third-time NRO podcast victim. Our conversation about  American Assassin is available here.

You know how comic-book superheroes always used to get their “origins” issue? American Assassin is the origins issue for Mitch Rapp, the star of ten previous novels by Vince Flynn. It explains how and why Rapp entered the service of the CIA and started killing America’s enemies. Early on, we hear the phrase that pretty well summarizes Rapp’s approach to defending the United States: “Great spies don’t complain about the rules, they find ways around them.” Lots of great thrillers make use of the protagonist who is at odds with his superiors. In the case of Rapp, these superiors are often Washington politicians–and his outlook is very much in tune with the times.

Vince’s previous podcasts with NRO focused on his books Extreme Measures and Pursuit of Honor.

Next week’s podcast: Steven Weisman on the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

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