1773 and All That

by John J. Miller on November 1, 2010

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My podcast victim today is Benjamin L. Carp, a Tufts history professor who is the author of Defiance of the Patriots: The Boston Tea Party & the Making of America. In the book, Carp describes how most of the tea partiers denied involvement in what they had done, even decades later. Edward Everett Hale, a relation of the man who spoke before Lincon at Gettysburg, remembered their silence:

So far as anyone knows, they never did mention it. Of which this curious consequence has come into history, that if, within that last seventy-five years, any old gentleman has said that he was of the Boston Tea Party, it is perfectly sure that he was not of the party of men who really did throw the tea into the harbor. If, on the other hand, any nice old gentleman, asked by his grandchildren if he were of the Tea Party, smiled and put off the subject and began talking about General Washington or General Gage, it is well-nigh certain that he was one of that confederation.

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