Book Tour: Mexico

by John J. Miller on November 28, 2010

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Welcome to the fourteenth stop on the book tour.

This is a photo of Mexico–the island of Cozumel, as seen from my cabin on the recent National Review cruise. The First Assassin has no scenes set in Mexico, but the Mexican War figures in the background of several characters, including plantation owner Langston Bennett:

He pushed back from the desk but did not rise to his feet. His leg ached—the left one. He reached down and rubbed it. Sometimes he still bristled when his hand touched the hard wood below his knee. His leg had become a stump fourteen years earlier, during the Mexican War. The surgeons told him it was a choice between his leg and his life, and before Bennett even had a chance to think about what they had said, they had sawed it off. He was glad they did, and wore the peg like a badge. Many of the wounded men who returned from Mexico tried to hide their disfigurements, but not Bennett. He rolled up his trousers and exposed the peg for all to see.

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