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by John J. Miller on November 16, 2010 · 1 comment

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“If stupidity were a communicable disease,” thinks one of Andrew Klavan’s characters in The Identity Man, “journalists would have to be herded into a pit and shot like infected cattle.”

Yikes! At least he’s a bad guy–the character, I mean, not Klavan.

The Identity Man is one part crime thriller, one part social novel. It’s about a petty thief who gets caught in a big conspiracy, as well as an examination of urban and racial politics. And the mainstream media comes in for a severe thrashing–perhaps not as bad as the beat down Klavan delivers in his previous novel for grown-ups, Empire of Lies, but a good drubbing nonetheless.

Today, Klavan is my NRO podcast victim. We mostly talk about The Identity Man, but also about his other brand-new book, a thriller for young adults, The Truth of the Matter. A lot of writers are happy to produce one book per year. Klavan has two this month. (And it doesn’t really stop there: See this, from Klavan’s website.)

My 13-year-old son thinks that Klavan is, like, the greatest author ever.

Next week’s podcast: Harlow Giles Unger on Patrick Henry.

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