A Good Time

by John J. Miller on January 30, 2011

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From the March 2011 issue of America’s Civil War magazine, in the column “Harry’s just wild about…” by the excellent Bull Runnings blogger Harry Smeltzer, comes a review of The First Assassin:

This is the first novel by author John J. Miller, who has three non-fiction titles under his belt and a fourth due out later this year. This “historical thriller,” set in early 1861, finds Colonel Charles Rook in charger of Washington security for President-elect Abraham Lincoln, who has already evaded an assassination attempt during his journey to the capital. Rook has to deal with superiors who are convinced that a successful assassination attempt is impossible, despite a constant flow of death threats. At least one threat is all too real, and a planter-hired hitman slips into the city. Mayhem ensues and the body count rises as Rook races to flush out the killer and secure Lincoln’s safety, and Miller tries to keep things as historically authentic as the narrative framework allows. And, of course, a good time is had by all.

(I couldn’t find a link to the original online, so you’ll just have to enjoy it here.)

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