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by John J. Miller on January 4, 2011

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A couple of years ago, I enticed novelist Stephen Hunter (today’s podcast victim) to participate in a Friday the 13th symposium:

What are you superstitious about? Do you avoid walking beneath ladders? Or do you go out of your way to walk beneath them? Do you knock on wood?

Here’s Hunter:

I’m what might be called a cowardly rationalist. In my faith life, I’m a pure atheist by inclination, but with preening hypocrisy: I have no difficulty praying during extreme moments . . . just in case. So it is with the supernatural. Can’t read Stephen King because monsters don’t live in basements, they just don’t. Nor do lawnmowers turn psycho and try to mow their owners. It’s all crap. However, if you ask about that antic fat man racing a black cat along the street–the animal’s grace against his lumbering panic–the answer would be me, as I try to beat him to the imaginary spot where our paths might cross. He always wins, but I claim dispensation for my effort. Then there’s that salt thing: I can only say, if you see me spill it, don’t sit behind me, even if I’m sounding off on the silliness of the ignorant folk.

In our podcast, Hunter doesn’t talk about superstitions–just his new novel Dead Zero, his recurring character Bob Lee Swagger, and his love of American gun culture.

Next week’s podcast: E.E. Knight on vampires.

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