by John J. Miller on April 4, 2011

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In the new issue of National Review, Pat Sajak reviews The Big Scrum.

Yes, that Pat Sajak.

From the review:

Miller writes about college football enthusiastically and eloquently. …

Miller brings life to an era we normally see only through grainy black-and-white film. And, while there’s enough football action and information to please the most fanatical gridiron fan, he avoids getting bogged down in football jargon. Instead, he uses the sport as a window into a tumultuous time in U.S. history. The fact is that much of the debate in the Progressive era remains relevant to today’s Washington, as political leaders have their own scrums over basic philosophical issues. Miller also manages to infuse The Big Scrum with drama and tension, even though the eventual outcome is known to all. After all, football has thrived on the college and professional level to a degree neither Teddy Roosevelt nor any of his contemporaries could have imagined.

What are the odds that Vanna White will review The Big Scrum in the Weekly Standard?


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