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by John J. Miller on June 7, 2011

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I’ve read all of Steve Hamilton’s books–they’re mystery novels, set mostly in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The setting is what originally drew me to Hamilton’s stories, but the quality of the tales is what keeps me going. His new book, out today and starring his recurring protagonist Alex McKnight, is Misery Bay. It may be his best yet.

Last summer, I met Hamilton at a book store in Traverse City, Mich. I was there with the family, making our annual or semi-annual visit for no particular reason, and he was signing books. It was a happy coincidence. So I grabbed a copy of The Lock Artist, had it signed, and enjoyed a short chat.

You guessed it: Hamilton is this week’s podcast victim.

Next week’s podcast: Naomi Schaefer Riley on the problem of tenure in higher ed.

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